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Eric Fisher, "Jewish By Personality"

Eric likes making digital art, performing magic tricks and acting ridiculously. He’s odd at times, humorous at others and well, fascinating. Sure, Eric is OCD and wanted in 29 states for “unwanted organization” but who isn’t?

School: SEAS '08
Hometown: Newtown, CT
Favorite Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Scott Becker, "Health Nut. No, Health ALMOND. Not Peanut - that's saturated fat."

Scott likes snowboarding, looking good, and using sarcasm at inappropriate times. He aspires to such worthless things as curing: cancer, heart disease, and boredom.

School: SEAS '09
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
Favorite Cereal: Go LEAN Crunch

Genna Erlikhman, "Arrives late but makes up for it in sexual favors."

Russian Jew, need I say less? One day, despite what they say, I will be able to peer over others without the use of stilts, a stepladder or a small crane.

School: SAS '09
Hometown: Mountainview, CA
Favorite Cereal: All Bran

Boris Fedorov, "Makes up songs on the spot, but unforunately nothing funny."

I used to be something all covered in fluff, and i'd dance in the sunlight and show off my stuff, then they hauled me away in a manner quite rough, and sheared me and dumped me back here in the buff" I am Russian snuggle monster... come snuggle with me.

School: SAS '09
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Favorite Cereal: Lucky Charms

Stephen Potter, "A mix between our bitch and Mask & Wig's."

I dislike talking about myself...

School: SAS '09
Hometown: Natick, MA
Favorite Cereal: Fiber One

Jon Liebembuck, "Ridiculous."

Yo soy de Costa Rica

School: SAS '09
Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica
Favorite Cereal: Some Spanish Thing

Allison Karic, "The Token Girl's Rival -- and she knows it."

Nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing to procure and nothing for you

School: SAS '09
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Cereal: Cocoa Krispies

Nirav Sanghani, "He's the man."

I like short walks near landfills and pitch-black, awkward breakfasts.

School: SEAS '10
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Favorite Cereal: Waffle Crisps

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