Welcome to Fork & Knife! Have a seat and help yourself to some improved comedy!

:: What is IMPROVED comedy?
Well, Fork & Knife is not a simple, happy-go-lucky improv group. We stress the importance of improv as a learning tool to build social skills and interpersonal relationships. Not only that, but it also teaches thinking on your feet and what we call "instant creativity." Of course, planning is always good, but sometimes it's best to go with your gut, think and act quickly. The goal is to work together smoothly like the knife and the fork. Each has its own specialty, but only together can they adequately cut a steak.

:: The Main Idea
Improv is not, at its root, about being funny. It's about working together, communicating effectively, forming a more solid sense of self and letting go. When we get together every week at our meetings, we are not simply playing games. We are discussing better ways to improve our effectiveness as a social group, which includes things like: agreement, building an environment and working with it, listening and progressing the conversation, thinking quickly and effectively and more.

:: And then what?
Once you have a solid understanding of improv's fundamentals, then you can progress to actually being funny. Sure, it does take a certain wit and creativity to come up with funny things and scenarios, but really, anyone with an open-mind can do improv. In fact, sometimes it is important to have actors who don't need to be the focus of attention but rather are just in a scene to progress it and support a "main" actor. It's really all about working together to create something fabulous. And most importantly, it's about HAVING FUN!!!

So, you see, it's not just improv comedy. It's improved comedy.

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